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Sleek and Contemporary Designs Using Decorative Concrete in Spicewood

Cool and contemporary designs are popping up in bar taverns,  restaurants, juice bars, smoothie bars, and more. Regardless of your business in Spicewood, if you have a overall design that looks dull and outdated, decorative concrete can transform its appearance into something sleek and contemporary.Decorative Concrete Design

For instance, you could choose tan, red, dark brown, and gold colors and have a unique geometric flooring design created. For example, the orange and tan could create a sweeping design, which then gets enhanced with specks of orange on the tan side and blocks of dark brown beautifully bordered with gold. Particularly for an Asian-inspired restaurant in Spicewood, this design would enhance the overall vibe.

Another option to make the flooring more modern and sophisticated comes from embedded and inlaid design effects. For this, you want to choose contrasting yet coordinating colors for the design. You can either come up with a unique design or choose one from your company logo. As an example, if your logo has scrolls in the design, have a decorative concrete product applied to the main surface to match business’s main color. Then, have the scroll embedded or inlaid in the corners or along the edge using a contrasting color.

For something completely out of the ordinary, you could even have a design created using fiber optics. If you have an upscale restaurant and bar, you could have someone produce a contemporary martini glass design, which gets fitted with fiber optics to become the primary focus of the bar top. For the decorative concrete portion, a product like SunStone with its brilliant sheen is perfect.

Using something like SunStamp, the installer can create a floor that resembles real wood. With a shiny clear sealer added, the waves of the wood grain would stand out, ideal for a sleek and contemporary design aesthetic at your Spicewood business.

Epoxy Coatings: Enjoy a One-of-a-Kind Garage Floor at Your Home in Lakeway

Do you spend a lot of time in the garage at your Lakeway home tinkering on cars or working on projects? If so, you deserve a space that is comfortable and enjoyable. One way to accomplish that is by choosing from different epoxy coatings for the floor. Two exceptional products for creating a one-of-a-kind space include SunEpoxy 54 and SunEpoxy 100.

Sundek Epoxy Garage Floor

Sundek Epoxy Garage Floor

While both products make excellent choices for transforming the garage floors in your Lakeway home, they have distinct characteristics.

SunEpoxy 54 produces a smooth and finished look that will turn your garage into your favorite room of the house. Also, it has low volatile organic compounds, which means it is virtually odor free.

This product also comes in a broad range of colors. Depending on the look that you want to create, you can have one color applied or multiple colors. As one of the top products when it comes to epoxy coatings, you never have to worry about abrasions, damage from chemicals, or stains caused by oil grease, antifreeze, and other substances.

Another one of the best epoxy coatings is SunEpoxy 100. One difference is that once applied, SunEpoxy 100 is thicker and, therefore, capable of withstanding more daily wear and tear. This product deals with heavy foot and vehicle traffic better, which is especially useful if you work on a lot of vehicles or have friends over to help.

Another advantage is that an expert can vary the application of this epoxy product, making areas prone to moisture slip resistant. As one of the top textured epoxy coatings, this product is also easier to clean and maintain. Something else worth noting is that SunEpoxy 100 contains aggregates, chips, and fillers, such as colored quartz, silica mesh, and sand, making it the more aesthetically pleasing option between the two.

Avoid Downtime and Messes by Choosing Resurfacing for Your Dripping Springs Chiropractic Office



If you know of someone who has had an existing concrete surface ripped out and replaced, you understand the challenges that go hand-in-hand with this process. For your chiropractic office in Dripping Springs, a much better option is resurfacing. As you will discover, there are many benefits to this process.

One big problem with removing an existing concrete surface is that you end up with a mess. In this scenario, the broken concrete pieces get piled up somewhere until the contractor has them hauled off. Depending on weather conditions, the schedule of the person responsible for removing the concrete pile, and other factors, it could take days, weeks, or even months to have the mess eliminated. As you can imagine, a mess outside of your Dripping Springs chiropractic office will make the wrong impression.

The other issue is that during the rip-out phase, dust gets everywhere, even inside. Being in the medical profession, you cannot bring patients into a dusty environment. Not only would this create a problem for the people who you serve, it could also raise questions for governing agencies that perform inspections on your business. With resurfacing, nothing gets torn out. Instead, a beautiful overlay gets applied to the current concrete surface. The new coating hides small imperfections and looks beautiful at the same time.

There is also the issue of downtime to consider. If you plan to have the floors in your patients’ rooms torn out and replaced, that will prevent you from seeing anyone while the work gets done. Again, this could easily impact the success of your chiropractic office. However, when resurfacing the rooms using a quality product, like SunCanvas, the work gets done quickly and efficiently. As a result, you will not experience long delays in taking care of your patients.

Helpful Hints for Choosing the Right Stamped Overlay for an Outdoor Living Area in Spicewood

Stamped Overlay

Stamped Overlay

Before choosing just any stamped overlay for your outdoor living space in Spicewood, there are a few things to consider. That way, you can choose the type, color, and pattern of the overlay that best serves your needs and makes your backyard more inviting. Whether you enjoy spending time with family members or entertaining friends, the right decision will ensure that your outdoor space is comfortable and beautiful.

Start by looking at the architectural features of the home. Ultimately, you want the outdoor living area to look and feel cohesive. That does not mean that everything has to match perfectly, but you do want the stamped overlay to be aesthetically pleasing. In addition, coordinating between your home’s architectural features and the backyard will add value should you ever decide to sell the property.

The size and shape of your yard are other considerations. For instance, if you have a small outdoor space, you probably want stamped concrete that is not overwhelming. In other words, rather than a river rock design produced by SunStamp, you could choose an overlay that resembles pebbles. However, if you have a lot of space, then you could choose a larger overlay design.

You should even consider the landscaping and lighting in your backyard. You want the stamped overlay to coordinate or complement the landscaping. If your outdoor area has a lot of mature trees, a wood overlay will tie in beautifully. As for landscape lighting, you can choose a stamped design that highlights it.

If you plan to have a stamped overlay applied to your patio area, walkway, and pool deck, you can either match all of the surfaces or mix different design effects. An expert can always provide options that will make your Spicewood home look and feel incredible.

Concrete Stain to Get the Benefits for Your Doggy Day Care in Cedar Park

Interior Flooring Concrete Stain

Interior Flooring Concrete Stain

While running a doggy day care in Cedar Park is rewarding, it also comes with challenges. Unlike a daycare center for children who know how to use the restroom, you deal with a variety of four-legged animals that potty at will. Because of that, in addition to the abundance of hair and slobber, you need to choose a strong and durable floor that is easy to clean.

Concrete stain is one of the best flooring solutions for your kind of business. For this, you have two options, water-based and acid-based. While both offer tremendous value, they are different. It is important to understand what each offer, allowing you to make the best decision for your Cedar Park doggy day care business.

A water-based concrete stain, like SunH20, comes in a broad range of hues. Because of that, you can create a vibrant space that pet owners find appealing. For even more options, an expert can mix different colors. Regardless, the outcome is a floor with opaque colors that look beautiful.

Although an acid-based concrete stain also comes in multiple colors, it produces a more translucent effect. Once an acid-based stain gets applied, it penetrates the concrete. Because of that, the color becomes a permanent component of the concrete, providing you with many years of flawless service.

In addition, when an acid-based stain penetrates the surface, it reacts with alkalis found in the concrete. As a result, the floor has a one-of-a-kind variegated effect. That means that even if your competitors choose the same product and color, the aesthetics remain unique. In this case, a reactive stain called SunAcid is the preferred solution.

Regardless of the concrete stain you choose, the floors at your doggy day care will look incredible. For accidents, all you need is a damp mop and a mild cleanser.