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Opening a Coffeehouse in Pflugerville? Start with Color Flake Epoxy Floors

Color Flake Epoxy Samples

Color Flake Epoxy Samples

If you believe the floors in your new Pflugerville coffeehouse have no significant impact on business, think again. As the largest surface, the floors are the first thing people notice when walking inside. Therefore, you want something that makes your customers feel welcome. An excellent way to accomplish that is with color flake epoxy floors.

When it comes to color flake epoxy floors for your soon-to-open Pflugerville coffeehouse, you have two primary options. You could go with a product like SunEpoxy 54 to which a professional installer adds shiny flakes, or with SunMetal FX, which already contains them. Whatever you decide, you can create a homey environment where people gather for good conversation, coffee, and food.

Remember that by having color flake epoxy floors installed in your Pflugerville coffeehouse, you end up with an incredibly durable and beautiful surface. Because epoxy works well for high-traffic areas, you won’t worry about worn spots or discoloration as your business grows.

This decorative concrete coating is resistant to abrasions, impact, stains, oil, moisture, and more. There is no damage caused by a dropped cup, spilled coffee, or a chair moved across the floor. This coating will always stay pristine, serving as the foundation on which you continue to build your business.

As for the flakes, you determine the volume. Depending on the look you want, a professional installer can broadcast them to create a subtler effect or something livelier and vibrant. For color flake epoxy floors at your Pflugerville coffeehouse, you can select between clear or light-colored flakes or those with a bold tone for customization.

Epoxy also has a slip-resistant surface. The expert can enhance that by using various textures or adding aggregates. With all the benefits combined for this decorative concrete coating, people will choose to enjoy a hot, delicious cup of java at your establishment over others.

Refresh a Concrete Patio with a Customized Limestone Coating

Refresh your concrete with a limestone coating

Refresh your concrete with a limestone coating

Just imagine having a gorgeous space in your backyard with a floor that looks like real stone but without taking forever to complete. You can by having a professional installer or contractor refresh your concrete patio with the application of a product like SunStone. With a customized limestone coating, you have endless design possibilities.

When you choose to refresh your concrete patio, you avoid two things in particular. First, there is no need to find quality quarried stones with symmetrical shapes and similar color tones. Second, you do not need to have the current concrete slab torn out and reinstalled. Instead, an expert applies a top-of-the-line limestone coating directly on the existing surface.

You end up with perfect floors in one day. Best of all, with this type of customized coating, the surface looks so real that no one will know the difference. Once sealed to create a second layer of protection, the floors will outlast the time you live in the home. Not only does transforming your patio add value to the house, but it also makes it more marketable if you ever decide to sell.

But there are even more reasons to refresh your concrete patio using a customized limestone coating. Along with the floors, you can change the appearance of other horizontal and even vertical surfaces, including cinder block, drywall, brick, sheetrock, stucco, and more. That means instead of just focusing on the area you walk on, you can completely transform the entire space.

Because the look of quarried stone is so versatile, when you refresh your concrete patio, you can achieve any design you want. Whether casual, chic, contemporary, or sophisticated, stone works beautifully. To finish the project, add special touches in the way of furniture, lighting, throw pillows and blankets, a water feature, fire pit, and so on. With so many possibilities, you may find that your biggest challenge is narrowing your choices down to one

Stained Versus Painted Concrete Floors for a Veterinarian Clinic in Round Rock

Painted concrete floor around a pool

Painted concrete floors can be used around a pool

While you love serving your Round Rock community as a veterinarian, you realize just how challenging it is to keep the floors in pristine condition. Between human foot traffic, doggie accidents, nails and claws, and spilled water, you need a flooring system that looks great but also stands up to unique challenges. While you learned that both stained and painted concrete floors have advantages over other flooring types, you now need to decide which one is best.

For your Round Rock veterinarian clinic, you might first consider stained concrete floors. For this, you can choose between a water- and acid-based formula. The water-based option covers the surface of the floor, creating a beautiful translucent surface. In comparison, an acid-based product penetrates the concrete, where it reacts to chemical compounds. The result is a unique marbled effect. While either one is fine, a water-based stain has a much broader color selection.

Next, check out painted concrete floors for your veterinarian clinic in Round Rock. For this, a superior-quality product like SunColor produces the best results. On a prepared surface, a professional installer applies the acrylic coating so that it covers every inch of the floor. When finished, the expert applies a sealer, which works as a strong protective barrier.

The nice thing about stains is that you can transform the look of an indoor or outdoor concrete surface. Like painted concrete floors, stains also require sealing. The main benefits are that both a water- and acid-based stain can be sealed to provide an  incredible sheen, beautiful color, and if the existing floors have any surface imperfections, they seem to disappear.

On the other hand, painted concrete floors are another excellent choice. However, as a paint, it is imperative that you have them properly sealed. This option also looks fantastic, comes in many excellent colors, and hides small imperfections. What it comes down to is personal preference.

For your veterinarian clinic in Round Rock, either flooring solution would transform the clinic’s appearance while giving you a surface that can withstand daily use and abuse.

Make Your Stamped Concrete Patio in Pflugerville the Place Where Everyone Likes to Gather

Stamped Concrete Patio and Pool Deck

Stamped Concrete Patio and Pool Deck

If you have ever wondered why people always go to someone else’s house for barbecues, pool parties, and other outdoor gatherings instead of yours, it might have something to do with your current patio area. This is the perfect time to upgrade using stamped concrete for the patio at your Pflugerville home to create a place where everyone wants to gather.

Although you have other options for changing the appearance and functionality of your patio, stamped concrete produces unique results. Using a superior-quality product, like SunStone or SunStamp, a professional installer uses standard or custom mats to give concrete surfaces an entirely different look. Based on what you want, you can go with a concrete floor that looks like genuine brick, wood, stone, slate, and other materials.

However, stamped concrete for your patio in Pflugerville can accomplish much more. To make your backyard everyone’s favorite gathering spot, consider having an outdoor kitchen installed, complete with a fireplace for keeping warm on cool nights. Do not stop there. Take the design of your stamped concrete patio in Pflugerville a step further by having the same or a different design added to the fireplace surrounds.

You can enhance virtually any concrete surface, including a water feature, fire pit, walls, and built-in seating. Within a matter of days, you have a completed project that is sure to wow everyone who comes to your house. Before you know it, people will ask when you plan to host the next gathering.

Along with the stamped concrete patio at your Pflugerville home, you might consider upgrading any walkways and even the decking around your swimming pool. With the ultimate backyard design, you will feel proud to host events. In fact, with your house as the new hotspot, you might find it hard to enjoy quality time alone or with the family.

Outdoor Concrete Coatings for a Patio

Outdoor concrete coatings for upscale design

Outdoor concrete coatings for upscale design

While you love your home in Lakeway, you notice the outside looking worn and drab. If you enjoy spending cool summer nights outside with family or friends or just relaxing in the morning with a cup of coffee, you want and deserve an updated patio. For this, you can select from different outdoor concrete coatings.

One benefit that comes with outdoor concrete coatings is that instead of having your existing patio ripped out and reinstalled, a decorative concrete contractor or installer can resurface it. In a few days, your old patio will transform into something unfathomable. In fact, with a beautiful new space, you can expect to find any excuse to spend time outside.

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An exceptional way to accomplish your goal is with a Sundek product called SunStone. This architectural limestone coating is beautiful to look at and comfortable to walk on, and it will give your old patio new personality and character. With a look and feel that mimics natural limestone, no one will know the difference except for you and the installer.

While there are several other outdoor concrete coatings, SunStone has a unique feature. In addition to updating your patio, the installer can use the same product in a matching or different color, pattern, or texture on your pool deck and walkway. Even more exciting is that the expert can apply this coating to concrete, as well as brick, drywall, wood, cinderblock, and more. That means you can have every aspect of your patio enhanced, not just the floor.

Outdoor Concrete Coating

Outdoor Concrete Coating


SunStamp, stamped concrete is another one of the best outdoor concrete coatings on the market. The versatility of this product is undeniable. Depending on the look that you want to achieve, you can choose a brick, wood, tile, flagstone, slate, or some other finish. Again, the completed project will perfectly mirror natural material. Available in a broad range of colors, you can get as creative as you want or stick with a more traditional design.