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Pool Deck Safety – Sundek Classic Texture to the Rescue


Public pool deck safety is needed here – Sundek classic texture to the rescue!

With summer just around the corner and a swimming pool in the backyard, you want family and friends to have fun yet stay safe. Especially when having older adults or small children over to your home to visit, it is essential to have a pool deck with a nonslip surface. Sundek Classic Texture is an incredible product that offers that and a lot more.

Grinding off the surface to expose a solid substrate for resurfacing.

Grinding off the surface to expose a solid substrate for resurfacing.

If the existing area has started to deteriorate or fade, before you consider having the concrete ripped out and reinstalled, learn about the broad range of benefits that come from resurfacing using Classic Texture. Even if the surface needs some level of pool deck repair, there is no reason to have a new deck installed.

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Besides being an excellent pool deck repair solution, Sundek Classic Texture has a slip-resistant surface. That means that people of all ages can walk around without worrying about taking an accidental spill and sustaining an injury. Although you never want kids running around the pool, having a nonslip deck surface gives you added peace of mind when they do.

Classic Texture is excellent for minor to medium pool deck surface repair issues, and it is also cooler to the touch than many other options. Using a lighter color and during the hottest summer months, people can go barefoot without getting their feet burned. In fact, the temperature of this concrete overlay is often mush less than tile, brick or stone.

Something else to consider is that as a nonporous material, Classic Texture prevents dirt and oil from penetrating. It is also resistant to the chemicals that are commonly used to keep pools clean and sanitary. By having a barrier, there is less risk of dealing with a future pool deck repair problem, making this decorative concrete solution the perfect choice.

Classic Texture Finish

Classic Texture Finish

Available in a host of stunning colors, and customizable with score-line cuts, masonry effects, and aggregates, Classic Texture can handle pool deck repair issues and give your backyard incredible appeal.

Using Decorative Concrete to Upgrade Your Concrete Patio

Decorative Concrete Patio

Decorative Concrete Patio

If it has been some time since you last updated your concrete patio, you might want to start planning now so that it will be ready to enjoy by spring. Remember, even if the flooring surface has imperfections, a professional installer can apply a decorative concrete overlay, which transforms the surface, making it virtually new.

Fortunately, you have several incredible decorative concrete solutions, especially with products like Tuscan, Classic Texture, and SunStamp. Take Classic Texture as a prime example. As one of the most in-demand acrylic spray-on textured overlays, this product will not only change the appearance of your patio but also make it more comfortable to walk on and improve safety thanks to its nonslip surface.

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Even more exciting, you can choose to have your decorative concrete surface customized using a variety of effects like masonry, score cut lines, and aggregates. Because of that, you can achieve a look that blends in perfectly with your backyard space and architectural features of the home. With its long lifespan, you can enjoy your new patio as long as you live in the house. However, if you decide to sell, the new concrete surface will enhance the property’s overall value.

Decorative Concrete Patio with Classic Texture aggregate effects

Decorative Concrete Patio with Classic Texture aggregate effects

For something a little more dramatic, you might consider transforming your patio using SunStamp. This product is also a decorative overlay, meaning it can be applied to a concrete surface even if it has some imperfections. As a result, you do not have to have the patio ripped out and reinstalled, which is messy and time-consuming. SunStamp is also highly versatile, giving you the chance to create a surface that looks just like stone, brick, slate, wood, and more.

If you prefer a more customized look, then the Tuscan overlay is a perfect choice. Since this product gets hand-troweled by an expert, you can turn an ordinary patio into a beautiful space for entertaining family, friends, and even clients. Add furniture, throw pillows, plants, and lighting, and you will have an outdoor patio with unique character.

Concrete Floor Selection – Tips for Choosing the Right Floor for your Home or Business?

SunAcid for Art Gallery Flooring

SunAcid is a Good Concrete Floor Selection

By spending a little time researching different decorative concrete options, you will quickly notice that every product offers a wide range of colors. These colors start from basic tan or gray and go all the way to bright yellow, red, and blue. While this makes the prospect of having new concrete floors installed more exciting, it also creates a challenge. After all, you will need to select one color or a color combination for your project.

In answer to the question about there being any tips in choosing the right colored concrete, there are none. However, there are some guidelines and considerations that will make the decision-making process easier. Above all, it is important that you choose the color or colors that you like. The only concession is that if you plan to sell your home or business sometime in the future, remember that most buyers prefer neutral colors.

Architectural features and even the age of the home or business should also be considered when choosing colored concrete. For instance, if the style of the Austin building is Victorian, bright blue or yellow decorative concrete floors would not match. However, if your home or business has beautifully rounded archways and a sweeping staircase, polished concrete floors with a one-of-a-kind variegated effect would be ideal.

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The room in which the colored concrete floors are installed is another consideration. If you plan to redo the family basement, a place where the kids play and adults entertain, then you want a color that matches the theme or color scheme but also something that is strong, durable, and long lasting. If you are looking to upgrade executive offices, the colors you choose need to look refined and professional. Fortunately, products like SunDye, SunCanvas, and SunAcid are available in many stunning colors.

What Is the Role of a Professional Decorative Concrete Contractor?

Decorative Concrete Driveway

Decorative Concrete Driveway

In Austin, professional contractors are busy. In this growing city, new commercial buildings and homes are constantly under construction. However, because of the experience, expertise, and skill required, the work performed by a concrete contractor is unique. If you want to have a decorative floor installed, driveway rejuvenated, or a pool deck upgraded, it helps to understand the role of this professional.

For starters, a decorative contractor is a person responsible for doing the work. In addition, this person serves as a go-between for you and the supplier of the products. That means that once you hire a reputable contractor, that individual will get high-quality products for the job, such as Tuscan, SunStamp, SunAcid, SunEpoxy, and so on, and then complete the required work to your 100 percent satisfaction.

What makes a decorative concrete contractor different is the type of work performed. For example, you might want stamped floors. With this process, concrete floors perfectly mimic other materials, like wood, stone, slate, brick, and so on. Perhaps you are interested in acid staining for your outdoor patio. This system transforms an ordinary slab of concrete into something stunning with variegated color effects.

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A decorative concrete contractor deals with epoxy coatings. Although extremely popular for garages, this type of decorative concrete is also an outstanding choice for restaurants, bars, utility rooms, laundromats, restrooms, kitchens, basements, and the list goes on. Then, there are concrete overlays. As long as the concrete surfaces at your home are in good condition, this mix of cement and polymers is applied to create a gorgeous surface that is highly functional. Polished concrete is another area of expertise. With this, the finished surface has a high-gloss and beautiful aesthetic.

As you can see, the type of work that a decorative concrete contractor performs for Austin homes and businesses is special. This is why choosing a trusted source who uses only the best products is important.

Outdoor Concrete Colors in Austin That Complement a Contemporary Aesthetic

Classic clean concrete colors

Classic clean contemporary concrete colors

If you prefer a modern design aesthetic, it is important to choose complementary elements and colors throughout your Austin home. One way to accomplish this is with colored concrete on your outdoor patio. However, virtually any concrete surface can be transformed using the right product, technique, and color. Fortunately, Sundek has an array of gorgeous colors for all types of styles, including contemporary.

The great thing is that contemporary can be defined in many ways. For some people, it is minimalistic and white. For others, it consists of bold, vibrant colors and interesting patterns. Because Sundek offers so many outdoor concrete colors, you can create an amazing space that matches your personal preference.

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If you prefer a clean and refined look, Sundek’s signatures colors are a great place to start. Some examples of colors include Oyster White, Franciscan Tan, Pewter Gray, Peking Blue, Tweed Gray, and Tea N Cream. There also is a wonderful selection of warmer colors that still have a contemporary flair, such as Cumberland, Mojave Sand, Mission Tan, and Sable.

Specialty products in beautiful colors are also available. SunStain has 10 amazing colors that react with concrete to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. For a contemporary patio, you might consider Black, Vintage Umber, and Cola. If you want something that makes a bold statement, Bronze, Teal, Blue, and Green are also viable options.

For both conventional and polymer modified concrete surfaces, SunH20 is a great option. Available in 20 colors, you can be as creative as you like. In keeping to the contemporary aesthetic, some of the best color choices include Slate, Chocolate, Pear, Sienna Rust, Montego Stone, Golden Harvest, Amazon Palm, and Café Late. No matter how you define contemporary, you can find the right color or colors for your patio space.