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3 Great Options for Repairing a Concrete Driveway

SunStamp Concrete Driveway Repair

SunStamp Commercial Concrete Driveway Repair

Many outdoor concrete surfaces require a repair at one time or another. When dealing with surface imperfections, you have several incredible solutions. With the right product, you can salvage your current patio, pool deck, walkway, porch, and so on. That means you avoid having the existing concrete ripped out and reinstalled, saving you time and the mess.

Especially when it comes to repairing a concrete driveway, it is essential that you have the work performed by an expert who uses the highest-quality products available. After all, driveways get exposed to the environment. They also get walked on, driven on, and used by kids to play basketball, ride skateboards and bikes, and so on. Three specific Sundek overlay products stand out as the best.

  1. Classic Texture – This Sundek overlay played a major role in starting the decorative concrete industry. Today, it remains a top choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. For a driveway that needs outdoor concrete repair, this overlay is ideal. Classic Texture gets sprayed on and then knocked down using the edge of a trowel that makes the surface slip resistant. The installer can also use various templates that make the surface look like tile, brick, or stone. You can even have custom graphics designed or score line cuts, aggregates, masonry effects, and beautiful colors added to enhance the driveway’s appearance further.
  2. SunStamp – This decorative concrete overlay is a blend of Old World charm and modern technology. Along with gorgeous colors using acrylic finish coats, colored oxides, or stains, you can have your driveway enhanced with custom or prefabricated templates. As a viable outdoor concrete repair solution, SunStamp will transform your driveway.
  3. SunSplash – This overlay provides optimum protection against weather, environmental pollutants, and salts. Because of that, it too will prevent future outdoor concrete repair problems from developing. An expert can enhance the appearance of your driveway using masonry effects, aggregates, or score line cuts. With an acrylic finish coat, you end up with more incredible color choices.

Pool Deck Safety – Sundek Classic Texture to the Rescue


A public pool deck in much needed repair- Sundek classic texture to the rescue!

With summer just around the corner and a swimming pool in the backyard, you want family and friends to have fun yet stay safe. Especially when having older adults or small children over to your home to visit, it is essential to have a pool deck with a nonslip surface. Sundek Classic Texture is an incredible product that offers that and a lot more.

Grinding off the surface to expose a solid substrate for resurfacing.

Grinding off the surface to expose a solid substrate for resurfacing.

If the existing area has started to deteriorate or fade, before you consider having the concrete ripped out and reinstalled, learn about the broad range of benefits that come from resurfacing using Classic Texture. Even if the surface needs some level of pool deck repair, there is no reason to have a new deck installed.

Besides being an excellent pool deck repair solution, Sundek Classic Texture has a slip-resistant surface. That means that people of all ages can walk around without worrying about taking an accidental spill and sustaining an injury. Although you never want kids running around the pool, having a nonslip deck surface gives you added peace of mind when they do.

Classic Texture is excellent for minor to medium pool deck surface repair issues, and it is also cooler to the touch than many other options. Using a lighter color and during the hottest summer months, people can go barefoot without getting their feet burned. In fact, the temperature of this concrete overlay is often mush less than tile, brick or stone.

Something else to consider is that as a nonporous material, Classic Texture prevents dirt and oil from penetrating. It is also resistant to the chemicals that are commonly used to keep pools clean and sanitary. By having a barrier, there is less risk of dealing with a future pool deck repair problem, making this decorative concrete solution the perfect choice.

Classic Texture Finish

Classic Texture Finish

Available in a host of stunning colors, and customizable with score-line cuts, masonry effects, and aggregates, Classic Texture can handle pool deck repair issues and give your backyard incredible appeal.

How to Turn Your Concrete Patio into Your New Favorite Outdoor Living Space

Concrete Patio with Sundek

Concrete Patio with Sundek

With gorgeous weather throughout the year, people in Austin spend a great deal of time outdoors. If you call this Texas city home, you want a place where you can enjoy family, friends, and plenty of sunshine. You can accomplish that goal using either the SunStamp or SunStone product. Either of these decorative concrete overlays can turn your concrete patio into your new favorite outdoor living space.

SunStamp is unique because it makes concrete patio surfaces look like other materials, including slate, flagstone, wood, brick, river rock, and more. In fact, a professional installer can customize your patio, giving you an outdoor living space different from every other home in the neighborhood. Along with texture and patterns, you can have SunStamp colored using different techniques to create what you want to achieve.

SunStone will also transform your Austin concrete patio, turning it into a space where people love to gather, regardless of the time of year. This architectural limestone coating looks so real that no one can tell the difference.

SunStone Concrete Patio

SunStone Concrete Patio

In addition to applying it to the floor of your concrete patio, the expert can change the look of other surfaces, even those made of different materials. For instance, SunStone works incredibly well on brick, stucco, cinder block, and so on. Ultimately, that gives you the chance to enhance the various features of your patio, such as fireplace surrounds, a fire pit, retaining wall, and more.

No matter which direction you go, with decorative concrete overlays, there is no need to rip out the existing floor of your concrete patio. Instead, the installer prepares the surface, followed by applying whichever product you prefer. In much less time than a new concrete surface installation, your outdoor living space will be ready to enjoy. You will end up with a beautiful patio that will provide you with years of flawless service.

Stamped Concrete Repair with SunRestore

Stamped concrete repair and rehab with SunRestore

Stamped concrete repair and rehab with SunRestore

If your stamped concrete driveway needs a repair, instead of having the entire surface ripped out and reinstalled, you can rely on an innovative system called SunRestore. Rather than spend a great deal of time fixing surface imperfections, experts can use this system to completely make over your Austin driveway so that it once again looks new.

Many stamped concrete surfaces, including driveways, need a repair at some point in time. For example, if you recently purchased a home in Austin and the driveway looks in disrepair, before hiring a crew to tear it out, talk to a contractor or installer who specializes in the application of the SunRestore system.

Upon inspection, you might have noticed the color of your stamped concrete driveway fading or appearing discolored in several areas. Perhaps the sealant applied on top of the stamped overlay has begun to deteriorate. Maybe your driveway needs serious rehabilitation, and you believe it can only get fixed by tearing out and replacing the surface. Covering a broad spectrum of issues, SunRestore is an excellent solution.

When a highly trained installer performs the work, it will like you had an entirely new stamped driveway applied but without the mess, delayed schedule, or financial investment. For stamped concrete repair, no other system on the market can match what SunRestore accomplishes. Unfortunately, many people have tried so-called miracle products that claim to bring life back to stamped concrete only to feel disappointed with the results.

Instead of taking a chance on something that you have no idea will work, rely on SunRestore. This innovative system has provided multiple Austin homeowners with a beautiful new driveway that they can feel proud of rather than embarrassed. With a complete restoration, you will never again dread pulling up to your home or having family and friends over to visit. Unlike anything else available, this system will exceed your expectations.

Concrete Resurfacing Using the SunCanvas System by Sundek

SunCanvas micro topping interior concrete residential room with scored tile design floor with dye stain

SunCanvas micro topping interior concrete residential room with scored tile design floor with dye stain

Have you ever driven by a home or commercial site only to see a pile of rubble while a crew pours and reinstalls new concrete? If you need a new floor or wall in your home or business updated due to chipping, cracking, or discoloration, you can avoid this type of mess with concrete resurfacing.

If you want something with artistic flair, SunCanvas by Sundek is an ideal choice. As a paper-thin micro topping, it will transform an existing concrete surface, giving it a smooth and beautiful finish. For a more dramatic effect while giving the concrete a second layer of protection, an expert installer can use a clear sealer or wax in conjunction with this product.

Instead of going through the hassle and mess of tearing out a wall or floor and reinstalling it, concrete resurfacing makes far more sense. Although SunCanvas often gets applied to concrete because of its superior adhering qualities, it is also an excellent choice for other surface materials, including ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble, and even other decorative concrete overlays. Because of that, you can have this product applied to many different surfaces, both horizontally and vertically.

SunCanvas - Concrete Resurfacing

SunCanvas – Concrete Resurfacing

In addition to the beauty that SunCanvas will bring to your home or business, there are other benefits to consider. When applied without seams, you never have to worry about trapped dirt or allergens as you would with carpeting. Ultimately, this will improve indoor air quality, which is perfect for people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems.

You will also love that this product is easy to clean and maintain. To keep your new surface in pristine condition, sweeping and damp mopping as needed are the only requirements. If you had concrete resurfacing done to an outdoor space, power washing would eliminate stubborn dirt and stains. For a complete transformation, the installer can create score lines or stencils or add the stain or integral color of your choosing.