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Incredible Design Effects and Color Options for Decorative Concrete in Bee Cave Homes

Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete

Two of the most exciting aspects of decorative concrete for homeowners in Bee Cave is that they can choose from an impressive selection of design effects and colors. Not everyone prefers the same aesthetics, so to have incredible versatility makes decorative coatings the perfect choice. Although homeowners can transform the appearance of floors, decorative concrete also works on walls, walkways, driveways, patios, pool decks, fireplace surrounds, water features, and a lot more.

As for design effects, Bee Cave homeowners can have a professional installer add texture or patterns to different decorative concrete coatings, or they can choose stamped concrete. With the latter, the finished surface mimics a host of natural materials, including cobblestone, river rock, wood, slate, flagstone, and brick. If preferred, a homeowner can have more than one design effect created, giving the surface an entirely new look.

By using more than one decorative concrete coatings, the sky is the limit. As an example, if redesigning an outdoor living area, homeowners could have stamped concrete installed that resembles river rock on the main floor and then the same product to create a border that looks like real cobblestone. They could even have a beautiful design produced using two or more entirely different concrete coatings.

Even with polished concrete, epoxy, water-based stains, and acid-based stains, an expert can use various tools and techniques to create beautiful textures. For instance, using a product like SunEpoxy 54 or SunEpoxy 100, an installer can use a broom or trowel to produce whatever effect the homeowner wants.

With so many possibilities for design effects and colors, Bee Cave homeowners can make changes to both interior and exterior surfaces. Because of this, decorative concrete has become one of the most popular solutions for remodels and new builds. Whether making subtle changes or going all out with an extravagant design, the results will exceed expectations.

Are There Limitations Using Concrete Overlays in a Spicewood Dry Cleaning Store?

Because dry cleaning stores deal with harsh chemicals, as well as other powders and liquids, some owners question whether there are limitations in using concrete overlays for this industry. The answer is that overlays are a perfect solution for all industries, including professional dry cleaners in Spicewood.

However, using the appropriate type of overlay is essential. Fortunately, owners of dry cleaning businesses have several viable options. Stamped concrete overlays, which get applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces, are exceptional. Owners in Spicewood who want to create a unique environment with personality and character can choose from stamped overlays that look like actual brick, wood, stone, tile, and so on.

Owners of dry cleaners can also choose self-leveling concrete overlays. As the name implies, once an expert installs the overlay, it flattens out without assistance. Again, it is critical for an installer to use a high-quality product.

Microtopping overlays are another consideration. In a situation where a dry cleaner has a worn concrete floor or one that is no longer aesthetically pleasing, the owner can go this route. Once applied, the surface transforms into what appears like a brand-new concrete installation. For the durability that this type of business requires, microtoppings get applied in layers. For smoothing out the surface of a finished floor, the installer can add a fine microtopping. Either way, owners can choose to have these concrete overlays stained or designed with saw cuts.

The Two Best Garage Floor Coatings for a Professional Shop in Round Rock

Garage Floor Coatings

Garage Floor Coatings

Unlike a residential garage, a service and repair shop in Round Rock must maintain a professional appearance at all times. Even when working on tons of cars every day and dealing with grease, oil, and other messy substances, the shop has to portray professionalism. One of the most significant challenges is keeping the floors presentable. Fortunately, professional mechanic shop owners have two incredible options for garage floor coatings.

If you have a service and repair shop in Round Rock and struggle with keeping the floors in excellent condition, you might start by looking at epoxy coatings. These garage floor coatings have risen to the top of the list for a variety of reasons. For one thing, when the floors get dirty, you can clean them by sweeping and mopping. Instead of spending your valuable time on upkeep, you can focus on servicing your customers.

Epoxy coatings are also a perfect choice because they are resistant to stains, impacts, abrasions, oil, grease, chemicals, moisture, and more. As things get spilled, dropped, and dragged throughout the course of the day, epoxy coatings will stand up with no problem. These garage floor coatings are also reliable and durable, and they last a long time.

Beyond epoxy, acid-stained garage floor coatings are also worth consideration. In this case, the stain penetrates the concrete, becoming a permanent color. By using a product like SunAcid and then having it sealed with a superior quality product, you never have to worry about damage. Not only that, but acid stain looks beautiful. With a broad selection of colors, you can create a stunning work environment that is also highly functional.

While these two garage floor coatings are the best, there are other options, including stamped concrete, overlays, and dyes. With a transformed shop, you will notice happier workers, as well as customers.

What Types of Industries Prefer a Water-Based Concrete Stain in Georgetown?

When it comes to concrete stain, there are two options for your Georgetown business. The first is acid stain, which penetrates the surface of the concrete and then reacts to a particular chemical compound. As a result, this stain becomes a permanent color with a gorgeous variegated effect. The second is a water-based stain that covers the surface instead of penetrating it. Therefore, the surface is opaque rather than translucent.

Sundek SunDye Concrete Stain

Sundek SunDye Concrete Stain

You might think that more businesses in Georgetown would prefer the acid type of concrete stain, but in reality, many like the water-based option just as much, if not more. As far as industries that choose a water-based product over an acid stain, like SunStain, there are quite a few.

Because a water-based concrete stain is nonreactive, it produces a more uniform and consistent finish. Therefore, the medical and dental, legal, architectural industries, as well as many manufacturing companies, prefer this over an acid stain. In these environments, a floor with a professional and clean aesthetic is imperative, which is what a water-based product offers.

Also, compared to an acid stain, one that is water based comes in a much broader range of colors. While opaque, the selection includes standard and vibrant colors. For that reason, recreational and entertainment industries are also more likely to go this route. For instance, in arcades, bowling alleys, pool halls, and other similar businesses, a water-based stain is ideal. In those types of businesses, owners can choose bright greens, yellows, oranges, and so on.

The bottom line is that while some industries prefer a water-based stain, both options are aesthetically pleasing. In fact, some hospitals, doctor and dentist offices, medical laboratories, and other like businesses that once preferred a water-based concrete stain now love the unique design effects produced by acid-based stain product. Ultimately, there is no wrong or right decision.

Sleek and Contemporary Designs Using Decorative Concrete in Spicewood

Cool and contemporary designs are popping up in bar taverns,  restaurants, juice bars, smoothie bars, and more. Regardless of your business in Spicewood, if you have a overall design that looks dull and outdated, decorative concrete can transform its appearance into something sleek and contemporary.Decorative Concrete Design

For instance, you could choose tan, red, dark brown, and gold colors and have a unique geometric flooring design created. For example, the orange and tan could create a sweeping design, which then gets enhanced with specks of orange on the tan side and blocks of dark brown beautifully bordered with gold. Particularly for an Asian-inspired restaurant in Spicewood, this design would enhance the overall vibe.

Another option to make the flooring more modern and sophisticated comes from embedded and inlaid design effects. For this, you want to choose contrasting yet coordinating colors for the design. You can either come up with a unique design or choose one from your company logo. As an example, if your logo has scrolls in the design, have a decorative concrete product applied to the main surface to match business’s main color. Then, have the scroll embedded or inlaid in the corners or along the edge using a contrasting color.

For something completely out of the ordinary, you could even have a design created using fiber optics. If you have an upscale restaurant and bar, you could have someone produce a contemporary martini glass design, which gets fitted with fiber optics to become the primary focus of the bar top. For the decorative concrete portion, a product like SunStone with its brilliant sheen is perfect.

Using something like SunStamp, the installer can create a floor that resembles real wood. With a shiny clear sealer added, the waves of the wood grain would stand out, ideal for a sleek and contemporary design aesthetic at your Spicewood business.