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How to Hire a Concrete Contractor in Pflugerville

Outdoor concrete coatings for upscale design
Outdoor concrete coatings for upscale design

The saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” applies to many different things in life, including hiring a concrete contractor from Pflugerville. When it comes to decorative coatings like Tuscan and SunStamp, it is imperative that you hire the right professional. The last thing you want is to have someone work on your project only to discover after completing the job that he lacked in both experience and expertise.

Before you turn any project over to a concrete contractor from Pflugerville, ask these critical questions.

  • Are you licensed and insured? – Never hire a decorative concrete contractor from Pflugerville unless he meets all three of these criteria. With a license, you know the contractor has the appropriate training to mix, embellish, pattern, and apply the coating or finish of your choosing. As for insurance, that provides you with protection should the contractor or a member of his crew sustain an injury or cause damage to your property.
Concrete Rejuvenation Around Pool Deck
Concrete Rejuvenation Around Pool Deck
  • Can you show me photos of previous jobs similar to mine? – As they say, “talk is cheap.” You want visual proof of the contractor’s capabilities, which comes in the way of high-definition photos. Remember, an expert is eager to show off the work performed and therefore, will never hesitate to provide you with as many photographs as you want.
  • Do you have referrals? – With referrals, you have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with past or current customers. Not only does that give you insight into the quality of work, but also how the team behaves while on the job.

How long have you worked as a contractor? – Whether a concrete contractor from Pflugerville runs his own business or works for a reputable company, you have every right as the potential customer to learn about his history in the industry. That does not mean a relatively new contractor would do shoddy work, just that the more experience an individual has, the better chance of surpassing your expectations.

How Homeowners in Round Rock Can Create Beautiful Yet Safe Concrete Walkways

Concrete Walkways and Staircase
Concrete Walkways and Staircase

Instead of feeling as though you have to choose between beauty and safety when having concrete walkways installed at your Round Rock business, you can enjoy both with products like SunSplash and SunStone. Especially during periods of rain, you want your clientele to make it to your front door without incident. Not only that but if someone falls and sustains an injury, you become the liable party.

Using these two options as examples, it is easy to see how you can transform the appearance of your concrete walkways in Round Rock yet have a slip-resistant surface. For instance, consider an acrylic spray texture coating. This works incredibly well in protecting the walkway from elements of the weather, along with salts and environmental pollutants. Along with that, you can have the installer customize the appearance of the surface using masonry effects, score lines, and various aggregates.

Concrete Walkways
Concrete Walkways

In addition to beautiful and safe concrete walkways at your Round Rock business, this particular solution is durable, easy to maintain, and it lasts a long time. In fact, compared to other decorative concrete overlays, this one ranks among the most economical. You even have a choice of multiple colors, perfect for coordinating with the hues in your company logo.

Another excellent choice for the concrete walkways at your Round Rock business is an architectural limestone coating. When the installer finishes the project, no one will know it is not actual rock but an overlay. In addition to hiding surface imperfections, you can enhance the appearance of this coating with custom design effects, aggregates, and color. As for safety, it produces a superior slip-resistant surface. You want people who come to your company to feel safe walking in and out. At the same time, you want concrete walkways at your Round Rock business to garner attention. Whether you have a law firm, antique store, or dry-cleaning company, transforming the walkways is a great way to boost business.

Metallic Epoxy Floors: A Great Choice for an Original Look

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Metallic Epoxy Floors

Instead of having a home or business that looks like your neighbors’, you can achieve an original look with metallic epoxy floors. In fact, by choosing one of several top products, you can further enhance the design. However, because these high-performance floors are resistant to stains, grease, oil, bleach, and other chemicals, they also work great in residential and commercial garages, kitchens, and industrial environments.

You can choose metallic epoxy floors with varying degrees of reflective pigments, as well as colors. Because of that, the flawless and smooth surface has a beautiful shine. For something more creative, a professional installer can create customized designs and shapes, which helps your floors stand out. Not only do metallic epoxy floors create a unique look, customers value them for their distinct durability, protectiveness, and long service life.

Depending on the size or quantity of metallic flakes you have added, your floors will have a subtle or dramatic look. Also, using a roller or paintbrush, the installer can agitate the pigments, which causes them to twist, turn, and gather. The result is a floor that reflects light at different angles. Once the epoxy hardens, the metallic flakes lock into place, creating a beautiful swirled, three-dimensional look.

SunMetal FX is by far one of the best products on the market. Combined with acrylic sealers, SunOne Polyaspartic, SunEpoxy 54, or SunEpoxy 100, the result is a mirror-like surface with design effects that look like craters on the moon or the swirls of a lava lamp. For achieving an original look, metallic epoxy floors are hard to beat.

SunMetal Color Chart - For Metallic Epoxy Floors

SunMetal Color Chart – For Metallic Epoxy Floors

Regardless of how you choose to enhance your floors, you will end up with a custom flooring solution that makes a big impression. For a service-related industry, metallic epoxy floors will draw people in and then keep them coming back. When installed in a home, the flooring will transform the look and feel of the entire room.

Concrete Floors: Provide Your Bookstore Customers with a Unique Experience


Concrete FloorsIf you are trying to build up your business in Austin, you have to give your customers something to talk about, so they come back and tell others. To lure customers away from big-brand coffee and bookstore combinations, make a change. An excellent way to increase your customer base is to overhaul the interior of your business with concrete floors.

Along with rows of books, provide your customers with beverage and food options and set up a reading area complete with overstuffed couches and chairs. Although some people go to a bookstore, find what they want, and leave in five minutes, others want a place where they can sip on coffee or cappuccino, enjoy scones or pastries, and sit down to scour different books. These are the customers that you want to appease.

With so many options for concrete floors, you can achieve virtually any aesthetic. For instance, if your bookstore has a downtown location in an old building with exposed brick, play off that by having stamped concrete floors installed. The installer can use a product like SunStamp to mimic the brick on the wall or choose a contrasting brick design that adds interest to your bookstore.

If your Austin bookstore has more of a European flavor, a product like Tuscan is ideal. This handcrafted overlay is hand trowelled, which creates a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Although similar to SunStamp, this overlay is thicker and boasts deeper design elements and texture. A huge advantage of this product is that a professional installer can apply it to a variety of surface materials.

For something more refined and sophisticated, you can transform the appearance of your bookstore with polished concrete floors. You can choose from multiple colors, each producing a mirror-like finish that your customers will find mesmerizing. Acid-stained floors are also an excellent option, thanks to their custom variegated look and feel.

The Best Pool Deck Coatings to Complement a Koi Pond, Deer-Chaser Fountain, and Bamboo for a Japanese-Inspired Backyard in Austin

Stamped Concrete Sundek Overlay

Pool Deck Coating – Stamped Concrete Sundek Overlay

While it might sound odd to have a Japanese-inspired backyard in Austin, this is actually a very popular theme. This type of garden is all about peace and serenity, providing the perfect escape for relaxing after a long day. If you live in Austin and would like to enhance your pool so that it complements the various features of a Japanese garden, including a Koi pond, bamboo, and a deer-chaser fountain, you can.

  • Color – For pool deck coatings, you can stick with something neutral or choose from a nice selection of colors. If you decide to go with color for your Japanese-inspired backyard, you should think about one or more greens that would blend in perfectly with the nearby landscaping or a medium tan or brown to match the tall bamboo stalks.
  • Texture – Another important aspect of pool deck coatings is the texture. Although there are many incredible options, avoid anything large and harsh. Instead, you want to focus on sweeping curves or smooth lines that are commonly associated with a Japanese garden.
  • Patterns and Designs – Japanese-inspired patterns or designs would look amazing, and a product like SunStamp would achieve the exact look that you want. With stamped concrete, an installer replicates various natural materials, such as wood and cobblestone, each perfect for this type of backyard theme. Tuscan is another great product for pool deck coatings. While the name is Italian, it can be formulated with various aggregates that would look stunning in your Japanese-inspired backyard.

In addition to choosing the best pool deck coatings for the themed space, you might want to extend the decorative concrete to a patio or walkway within close proximity. That way, your entire backyard appears cohesive with all of the different Japanese design elements.