How to Hire Decorative Concrete Contractor

Sundek Austin - Decorative Concrete Contractor

Sundek Austin – Decorative Concrete Contractor

When hiring a concrete contractor in Austin, you want to make sure you have the best. You want a contractor that listens to your needs, gives you many design and color options, and performs the job according to any special instructions. But how do you know that the contractor you are considering is the best contractor for the job?

How to Hire the Best Concrete Contractor in Austin

Because decorative concrete is an intricate process, you want to ensure that the contractor has the expertise and the tools. In addition, a great deal of strategy goes into the installation process. For example, the contractor has to account for wind direction when pouring concrete to ensure it doesn’t touch something it shouldn’t. The contractor also has to make sure any stamping occurs while the concrete is still wet.

These are the areas to consider when hiring a company for the job:

  • The concrete contractor in Austin that you hire should specialize in decorative concrete because specific training and tools are involved.
  • Ask for references. By having the addresses of past clients, you can drive by their properties to see the contractor’s work and talk to the owners. If the work is several years old, you can see how well it has held up.
  • If you have an idea of what you want your decorative concrete to look like, share the idea with your contractor. Share pictures or give details about what you desire.
  • Check the concrete contractor in Austin’s credentials by inquiring about local and state trade licenses. The contractor should also be bonded and insured.
  • Ask about the process. Inquire about the removal process (if necessary), base preparation process, concrete thickness, and project timeline.
  • Ask about the guarantee that the company offers.
  • Know the contractor’s backup plan in case of weather delays.
  • Make sure the contractor has a legitimate physical address and telephone number.
  • Ask about how the concrete contractor in Austin can help maintain the decorative concrete. While the surface may require little maintenance, it is possible that sealing will be required every couple of years, depending on how heavily the surface is used.

Go with Your Gut

Once you have reviewed all of the above factors, go with your gut. With all of the necessary information to make an informed decision, you should feel good about hiring the contractor. That way you increase the chances of the project being completed the way you envision it and not the complete opposite.