Are There Limitations Using Concrete Overlays in a Spicewood Dry Cleaning Store?

Because dry cleaning stores deal with harsh chemicals, as well as other powders and liquids, some owners question whether there are limitations in using concrete overlays for this industry. The answer is that overlays are a perfect solution for all industries, including professional dry cleaners in Spicewood.

However, using the appropriate type of overlay is essential. Fortunately, owners of dry cleaning businesses have several viable options. Stamped concrete overlays, which get applied to both indoor and outdoor surfaces, are exceptional. Owners in Spicewood who want to create a unique environment with personality and character can choose from stamped overlays that look like actual brick, wood, stone, tile, and so on.

Owners of dry cleaners can also choose self-leveling concrete overlays. As the name implies, once an expert installs the overlay, it flattens out without assistance. Again, it is critical for an installer to use a high-quality product.

Microtopping overlays are another consideration. In a situation where a dry cleaner has a worn concrete floor or one that is no longer aesthetically pleasing, the owner can go this route. Once applied, the surface transforms into what appears like a brand-new concrete installation. For the durability that this type of business requires, microtoppings get applied in layers. For smoothing out the surface of a finished floor, the installer can add a fine microtopping. Either way, owners can choose to have these concrete overlays stained or designed with saw cuts.