Reactive Acid Stain

“Natural coloration variegated and earthy .”

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SunAcid Overview

SunAcid is Sundek’s permanent acid based color system and a very popular concrete treatment in Austin. The permanent, mottled, translucent color effect that SunAcid creates is achieved through a reaction of muriatic acid within SunAcid to the lime found in the concrete.  This reaction creates a permanent, variegated, neutral earth toned color resembling marble or stone.  The color deposits left behind in the pores of the concrete do not chip, peel or fade.

Features and benefits:  SunAcid is colorfast and does not chip, peel or fade in UV light so this makes it ideal for exterior surfaces or interior surfaces where the building has a lot of windows and light coming in.  SunAcid is a permanent coloration solution, and offers natural, earthy rich colors.

Where to use it:  SunAcid can be used in a range of both horizontal, vertical, interior and exterior architectural decorative concrete applications including floors, countertops, walls, concrete furniture, mantles and more.

How it’s done:  SunStain is sprayed onto the concrete surface and then worked into the pores of the concrete with either a broom or brush.  It can also be left alone and not agitated in.  A second coat can be applied overtop of the first for  a more coverage.  Once the reaction takes place and the surface dries, the residue must be neutralized, rinsed and cleaned.  Not always necessary for SunAcid, a protective seal coat can be applied to enhance and pop the colors and also to protect from normal wear and tear.



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