What Types of Industries Prefer a Water-Based Concrete Stain in Georgetown?

When it comes to concrete stain, there are two options for your Georgetown business. The first is acid stain, which penetrates the surface of the concrete and then reacts to a particular chemical compound. As a result, this stain becomes a permanent color with a gorgeous variegated effect. The second is a water-based stain that covers the surface instead of penetrating it. Therefore, the surface is opaque rather than translucent.

Sundek SunDye Concrete Stain

Sundek SunDye Concrete Stain

You might think that more businesses in Georgetown would prefer the acid type of concrete stain, but in reality, many like the water-based option just as much, if not more. As far as industries that choose a water-based product over an acid stain, like SunStain, there are quite a few.

Because a water-based concrete stain is nonreactive, it produces a more uniform and consistent finish. Therefore, the medical and dental, legal, architectural industries, as well as many manufacturing companies, prefer this over an acid stain. In these environments, a floor with a professional and clean aesthetic is imperative, which is what a water-based product offers.

Also, compared to an acid stain, one that is water based comes in a much broader range of colors. While opaque, the selection includes standard and vibrant colors. For that reason, recreational and entertainment industries are also more likely to go this route. For instance, in arcades, bowling alleys, pool halls, and other similar businesses, a water-based stain is ideal. In those types of businesses, owners can choose bright greens, yellows, oranges, and so on.

The bottom line is that while some industries prefer a water-based stain, both options are aesthetically pleasing. In fact, some hospitals, doctor and dentist offices, medical laboratories, and other like businesses that once preferred a water-based concrete stain now love the unique design effects produced by acid-based stain product. Ultimately, there is no wrong or right decision.