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Applying a Concrete Topping to Old Driveways

If you have an old driveway, then applying a new concrete topping is a great way to make it look and function like new without a great deal of time, and effort. The traditional option would be to completely tear out and replace the old driveway, but this will be noisy, dusty, time-consuming, and expensive and will use a lot of materials. Concrete toppings offer a great alternative as you simply add a new top layer of concrete to your driveway and achieve even better results. Keep in mind that this method will only work on old driveways without significant structural damage and that major cracks in the existing concrete could be carried through to the new topping.


The Process


To apply concrete toppings to your old driveway, Sundek of Austin professionals will start by preparing the surface to ensure proper bonding of the new surface. They will then dig a small trench measuring about half a foot across around the driveway. During the preparation portion, all cracks, chips and defective parts of the concrete will be patched and repaired. They will then install the new Sundek concrete topping, making sure that it is spread evenly and to the proper thickness. Once installed the topping material will be left to properly cure before custom finishes are applied.


Get Creative


Instead of sticking to boring concrete toppings in grey or white, you can use this as an opportunity to make your driveway visually appealing. Specialty Sundek systems, such as SunStamp, are a great option for adding texture and patterns to driveways. Another option instead of customizing the driveway with patterns, you can do so with colors. Ask your contractor to recommend either an acid-based stain, like SunAcid; a water-based stain, like SunH20; or color chips, like SunChip. These systems can easily be used alone or in conjunction with the SunStamp system.


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Bringing Life Back to A Concrete Porch with Resurfacing

Concrete is one of the most durable materials you can choose for your porch, but it is not immune to wear and aging. Over time, you may notice it starts looking drab or begins to develop small cracks and crevices. When this happens, concrete resurfacing can be a great way to bring life back to your Austin concrete porch.




Understanding Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing in Austin involves adding a thin layer of an overlay, such as polymer modified resurfacing product, to your concrete. This will fill in the tiny crevices and cracks and cover up scratches. Resurfacing is a convenient, reliable, and sometimes a very affordable option. It also gives you the chance to update your porch with colors or other customization. During the process of resurfacing, your contractors will start by removing weak or loose concrete and then cleaning and preparing the existing substrate. Depending on the system they will then add a bonding agent to help the overlay adhere properly. Resurfacing can involve adding an overlay anywhere from 1/16th of an inch to 1 inch, and your Sundek dealer will help you decide what system is ideal for your porch depending on the condition and desired result.


Customize the Porch

When you resurface your concrete porch, it may be possible to simply revive it back to the way it was before. This would involve consulting with your Sundek installer to use stains or dyes that mimic the original coloration. Many Austin homeowners, however, take concrete resurfacing as an opportunity to upgrade the appearance of their porch. Since a basic resurfacing job is very affordable, even when you hire a contractor, it is easy to spend a little more to create a custom look. You can add integral color, dyes, or stains to the top, such as SunAcid, SunDye, or SunChip. You can also take the opportunity to add texture with a stamp of your choice or one of the decorative concrete overlays from Sundek of Austin, such as SunStone or Tuscan.

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Creating an Exciting Look with Sundek SunChip Floor Coating Systems

If you have a concrete surface, you do not need to leave it appearing dull and boring. In the past, all concrete was a gray or beige color and slightly boring, but advances have led to new products, such as SunChip, which is available from Sundek of Austin. This is one of the many easy ways to add some color and vibrancy to your space. There are two variations of the Sundek SunChip flooring systems, each of which is perfect for its own situation. As a bonus, the system also improves the durability and longevity of your concrete surface.


Solid Colors and Multi-Color


Taking a look at the Sundek SunChip floor coating systems shows you SunChip Solid Color and SunChip Multi-Color. The first of these has 25 colors to choose from and comes in the form of vinyl acrylic paint chips while each kit in the Multi-Color version has more than one color. No matter your selection, you can choose chips that are 1, ⅛, ¼, or ⅝ inches, and they are easily broadcast within SunEpoxy or SunOne Polyaspartic floor coating systems.


Mimic the Surface You Want


Because of the variety of colors and color combinations available as part of the Sundek SunChip floor coating systems, Sundek of Austin’s experts can create any exciting look you want by mimicking your ideal surface. The Multi-Color options, in particular, come in handy for this idea due to their combination of colors. If you want your concrete floor or counter to look like expensive granite or terrazzo, then consider opting for the larger chips. If, on the other hand, you like the appearance of carpet but want something solid and durable, then opt for the small chips and they will mimic the look associated with carpet. The range of colors includes everything from neutrals to bold colors and light to dark shades. You will also find at least one variation of most colors, giving you the ability to match any space with SunChips.

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Themed Environments Made Easy with SunStain SunAcid

Sundek is known for creating unique products that let you take your concrete surfaces to the next level in terms of durability, appearance, and versatility. SunAcid from Sundek of Austin is just one of many ways you can easily customize your Austin space, in this case by creating stained concrete that matches any color scheme or theme that you would like. This muriatic acid-based solution reacts with the salts and minerals in the concrete to achieve its translucent look. As such, the color actually becomes part of the concrete, meaning it will never peel or crack and reducing maintenance. With SunStain SunAcid, your options for themed environments are as vast as your imagination.


Create Natural Themes


Looking at the stain choices for SunAcid shows that this product can be perfect for creating a nature theme of some sort. Natural colors, such as green, blue, teal, and bronze, are all reminiscent of the outdoors. You can use them to stain the flooring of a restaurant or store that aims to mimic a forest or garden. Since SunAcid can be applied to vertical surfaces as well as horizontal ones, you can also use these colors or some of the shades of brown, such as vintage umber or buckskin, to create the illusion of trees or other plants.


Create Old-Fashioned Themes


Due to the neutral shades found in these SunStains, stained concrete that fits an old-fashioned theme is also popular in Austin. Many of the stains allow the concrete to look almost like wood or stone from a distance, so you can turn your new concrete into an old-fashioned stone floor or even apply it to walls so the space feels like a log cabin. The possibilities are truly limitless, particularly with the range of colors. You can keep it simple and use SunAcid in your garage or office or let your creativity flow and take advantage of it to create a themed environment of your choice.


Simple Application


The process of creating stained concrete with this product is also incredibly simple. Your Austin contractor will use a sprayer to spread the stain you select over the surface, whether it is plain or decorative concrete. He or she will then neutralize the stain using water before letting it dry. At the end, the contractor will finish it with a clear sealer, such as SunClear, which preserves the entire surface so it remains as beautiful and vibrant as when it was first installed.

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New Options for Colored Concrete

Colored concrete is now one of the most popular trends for Austin homes and businesses. Whether you have an outdoor patio or retail store or you want to liven up the look of your garage floor, colored concrete can be an excellent solution. Now, there are new options available for colored concrete that make it possible to enjoy a veritable rainbow of design options combined with eco-friendly benefits.

Among those options is Sundek’s SunH20. This proprietary blend of liquid pigments and water-soluble polymers was specifically designed for staining cement overlays and concrete. The addition of a highly adhesive promoter helps to provide SunH20 with exceptional adhesion qualities, ensuring that you do not have to worry about the color fading over time, which can sometimes be a concern with water-based stains. Along with being ideal for use in residential settings, this colored concrete solution is also suitable for use in commercial settings. Some of the more common and recommended applications for colored concrete in Austin include offices, showrooms, restaurants, patios, home interiors, driveways, and garage floors.

Creating a Canvas for Customized Designs with Colored Concrete

It is even possible to create highly customized designs if you are interested in a completely unique look. This can be done by layering SunH20 water-based stain systems and combining them with a variety of colors. The result is a customized look that simply cannot be achieved with acid stains, an ideal solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Fast Results, Long-Lasting Beauty, and Low Maintenance

Since SunH20 is usually applied with the use of a pump-up sprayer to decorative concrete surfaces or existing concrete, it can be applied quickly and easily. This translates to reduced application time for property owners. Also, since this product is water-based, the need to neutralize it, as is necessary with acid stains, is eliminated. Once the product has dried, a clear protective seal coat is applied. This will truly bring out the color of your concrete and help it to pop while also offering increased protection for your concrete surface.

Today, an increasing number of business owners and homeowners are looking for eco-friendly solutions for colored concrete in Austin. SunH20 makes it possible to combine natural tones for a variety of overlay systems. The result allows property owners to enjoy beautiful aesthetics while still feeling good about the environment.



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