Concrete Stains

Surface applied concrete color stains that provide a translucent, mottled and variegated effect that can be used on most concrete surfaces as well as Sundek acrylic modified cement overlay surfaces eg: SunStone, SunStamp, TUSCAN & SunCanvas.

Interior barber shopSunAcid

Reactive Acid Stain

“Natural oxide colors with Sundek’s natural acid stains .”

Acid stain that penetrates and reacts with cement providing a permanent coloring solution that offers a natural, earth toned look and finish.


Water-Based Concrete Stain

A water-based coloration stain product that is often layered and combined with different colors creating a custom look that is not always achievable with reactive acid stains.



Liquid Concrete Dye

A quick drying acetone based liquid concrete dye that provides a complete range of colors that is easy to apply and is often used in combination with acid stain and water based stains.