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 “Thin resurfacer to provide a new concrete canvas for decoration”

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SunCanvas Overview

SunCanvas is a super thin polymer modified cement overlay veneer that provides a clean, smooth cement surface that is able to be stained and decorated similar to that of a new fresh and clean concrete slab.  SunCanvas can be used in conjunction with stencils, decorative score lines, integral coloration, stains and dyes to allow complete control over the design and look of the concrete floor.  With proper surface preparation the SunCanvas system can bond tenaciously to a variety of previously installed floor coverings including, ceramic tile, marble, concrete, terrazzo and more.

Features and benefits:  By choosing a SunCanvas system for your floor you can achieve a smooth, seamless easy to clean and maintain floor that is not only functional but also very healthy.  The smooth surface of the SunCanvas system will help to reduce dust, allergens, and dirt that would normally get trapped in carpet, tile grout and wood floor seams.  The ease of maintenance is also a popular reason for people choosing the SunCanvas system.  Cleaning and maintenance usually consists of dust mopping, sweeping and the occasional damp floor mopping.  The overall low cost of ownership of a stained concrete floor is the reason so many commerical, and retail spaces are choosing it for their floor of choice.

After the material has dried the artisan will then use dyes, stains, acrylic colors, cut patterns and more to provide the finished look.

There is no easier way to make an old tired concrete slab look great for only a fraction of the cost of complete removal and re-pouring.

Where to use it: SunCanvas is perfect for:

  • Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs
  • Showrooms
  • Retail Stores
  • Art Galleries and Museums
  • Basements
  • Theme Parks
  • Interior Floors & Exterior surfaces
  • Entryways
  • Residential Floors & Commercial Spaces

How it’s done:  SunCanvas is a very thin (less than 1/8th inch) cement based polymer modified coating system that is ideal for resurfacing old concrete floors to provide a new canvass to be decorated.  When an old concrete slab is stained, chipped, coated or just looks bad, SunCanvas is used to provide a new surface that can then be decorated using stains, dyes, cut patterns, and stencils.  SunCanvas should always be sealed with a high quality Sundek clear sealer to ensure long lasting finishes that are easy to clean and maintain.

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