Classic Texture

Acrylic Spray Texture Overlay
“THE ORIGINAL Spray Texture Overlay Since 1970”

Classic Texture Overview

Sundek of Austin’s Classic Texture is the signature Sundek product that launched the decorative concrete industry many years ago.  Classic Texture is a safe, comfortable pool deck coating applied on thousands of pool decks and exterior concrete surfaces across Texas and the world.  If you have ever walked across a great looking, cool, and safe pool deck, it was more than likely Sundek Classic Texture on the surface.

When used in conjunction with other Sundek systems, like SunStamp or TUSCAN, Sundek Classic Texture offers an variety of looks, including aggregate, masonry, stone and cut line effects.
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Features and Benefits:  

Many Architects, Designers, Commercial Contractors, Hotel and Restaurant owners, and many homeowners commonly specify SUNKEK’s Classic Texture because of  its many benefits and variety of uses.  Here are some of the many benefits this system has to offer.

  • It is the classic spray knock down product that initiated the decorative concrete industry. This system has a proven track record of many years of installations over thousands of applications.
  • Classic Texture provides a safe environment offering slip resistant texture in any condition.
  • Because of the non porous surface,  dirt, chemicals oils and other contaminants have a hard time penetrating the surface making Classic Texture easy maintenance which saves the client time and money.
  • Classic Texture offers a comfortable cool walking surface when compared to plain concrete brick or tile due to it’s variance in texture on the surface.
  • When comparing to other decorative concrete coatings on the market today, Classic Texture is more durable and economical than most.
  • Classic Texture is customizable and offers a variety of custom effects and designs thanks to it’s 3-5 step process allowing an unsurpassed chemical bond with the substrate below.

Where to use it:  CLASSIC texture is ideal for a variety of areas including:

  • Commercial and Residential applications
  • Concrete Pool Deck Surrounds
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Horizontal & Vertical Surfaces

How it’s done: 

The SUNDEK CLASSIC texture overlay system consists of a water based acrylic polymer modified concrete product that is sprayed down onto an existing concrete surface and then “knocked” down or troweled down using the edge of a concrete trowel.  Once completely cured, the slip resistant, textured surface is then finished using an integrally colored, acrylic based finish or top coat .  The final layer of protection is then applied to the surface creating a comfortable, cool walking surface.   If desired, templates can be laid out for a variety of designs to create the look of custom graphics, stone, brick, tile and more.  Custom Scoreline (existing cracks in the surface are utilized to create a cut pattern) and Aggregate effects (a variety of acrylic colors applied to the surface) can also be incorporated for greater design effects.

Special Effects:   

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