Concrete Repair

concrete crack repair

If you have a concrete surface that is damaged, you don’t have to rip it out to get a beautiful surface again. At SUNDEK of Austin, we specialize in concrete repair.

What kind of damage can SUNDEK of Austin fix?

It doesn’t matter if you have cracking, spalling, flaking, chipping, or fading—we can help with all types of concrete damage.

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Why hire a professional?

Although it’s possible to repair some types of concrete damage yourself, we highly recommend hiring a trained and experienced contractor. Here are just some of the benefits of having us help you with concrete repair:

  • We are skilled at determining what caused the damage, so we can help you prevent it from happening again.
  • We can blend colors, textures, and patterns so that the spot where damage was fixed doesn’t stand out from the rest of your surface.
  • We have years of experience in repairing concrete, so we know the common pitfalls to avoid.
  • If cracking is bad, we have the ability to incorporate it into a beautiful design.
  • After we repair your surface, we can seal it with a high-quality sealer that will protect it from future damage.
  • If you’d like to redesign your surface, we can create any design you’d like by applying a coating to the entire surface and then stamping or staining it.
When should I contact a contractor about repairing my concrete surface?

As soon as possible. The longer the damage sits, the more difficult it is to fix (for example, cracks will just get bigger, chipping will continue to get worse, etc). No matter the state of your existing surface, contact us so we can assess the damage immediately.

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We work in all the major cities in the area including Austin, Bastrop, Cedar Park, Dripping Springs, Fredericksburg, Georgetown, Lakeway, Marble Falls, Pflugerville, Round Rock, San Marcos, Spicewood, and the surrounding areas.