Artful Epoxy Flooring for a Corporate Office

At an office building in Lago Vista, TX, a company gets a durable metallic epoxy floor that also serves as a stunning focal point.

2019 Project of the Year

When Anodamine, an innovative water treatment company, was looking for a flooring solution for their new corporate office in Lago Vista, Texas, their general contractor contacted SUNDEK of Austin (SOA). Although the owners of the building didn’t know exactly what type of flooring they wanted, they did know that they wanted it to be durable, easy to clean, and beautiful.

SOA ran some ideas by them, one of them being a metallic epoxy floor. The owners hadn’t heard of it before and were interested in looking at some samples. As soon as they saw the potential with SUNDEK’s metallics, they were all in.

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At SUNDEK, we often find that many of our clients don’t know about metallic epoxy flooring—or if they have, they envision something much different than what it actually is. It’s always fun to wow them with the possibilities! With metallic floors, clients have many color options ranging from silvers to bright colors. By specifying how much metallic is added to the epoxy, clients can get a subtle shimmery appearance or something more dramatic. They can also decide what type of effect they want, whether its marbled or three-dimensional.

The stairs and third floor of the building presented an obstacle: a wood subfloor in bad condition. To resolve the issue, SUNDEK floated the surface, installed cement backerboard over the subfloor, filled in all the seams, and sanded the surface to properly prepare it for the epoxy coating.

Metallic epoxy floors aren’t just a pretty face—they have all the resiliency and longevity of epoxy floors. That means they can withstand everything from chemical spills to the weight of heavy machinery. We like to tell our clients that our epoxy flooring has been used in airport hangars because it’s a good way to get an important point across: they are extremely durable!

In addition to offices, Anodamine’s building would also include rooms for manufacturing, so this durability was a must. The owners chose SunEpoxy 100, which is the most heavy-duty of SUNDEK’s two epoxy systems.

When applying a metallic floor, clients need to make some important decisions about color. In addition to choosing a color for the base (the epoxy coating), they need to choose a color for the metallic pigmentation. Though this step can be somewhat daunting, SUNDEK contractors are always willing to help guide clients through this stage of the process. Since our contractors have worked on so many floors with varying designs, they weigh in on color selections by drawing back on what they’ve seen that works well—and what doesn’t look as good. In this case, the owners of the Anodamine building decided on Silver for the epoxy coating and Platinum Silver for the metallic pigmentation—a stunning combination.

For many commercial spaces, metallic flooring meets requirements on the checklist that owners have for flooring qualities: durable, easy to clean, and nice to look at.

For all our epoxy coatings, SUNDEK has 16 standard color choices, but our contractors are also happy to work with clients on creating custom colors that fit their style. When it comes to metallic pigmentation, we have 12 standard colors. The same applies with these colors—customers can also work with our contractors to come up with a metallic pigmentation that’s perfect for their space.

During the initial assessment, SOA identified a challenge: the third floor of the building had a wood subfloor that was not in good condition. During construction, the building had been exposed to the elements for some time, and the wood had not fared well. SUNDEK contractors are well versed in overcoming jobsite obstacles, though. Wanting to be sure that the foundation of the flooring would be in the right condition on which to apply a coating, the SOA team came up with a solution. They floated the wood surface then installed cement backerboard over the subfloor. After filling in all the seams and sanding the surface, it was ready to go. They also used this method on the stairs which needed the same treatment to ensure stability.

First, the SOA crew applied the SUNDEK epoxy primer. This step ensures that the epoxy coating will properly bond to the surface. Then they applied a basecoat of SunEpoxy 100 in Sterling. Next, the crews mixed SunMetal (the metallic pigmentation) with a clear epoxy and strategically applied that over the pigmented epoxy basecoat to create a marbled effect.

Finally, the crew sealed the floor with the SUNDEK’s High Traffic urethane sealer. Sealing your floor is a must. If you’re investing the time and money into a new floor, you need to protect it. Sealers protect your floor from abrasion and general wear and tear. When a floor is sealed, it’s also easier to wipe up spills—maintenance a breeze. Part of maintenance is getting your floor resealed, and your contractor can advise you on how often that needs to happen.

With some high-quality products, a little creativity, and a successful solution to a project hurdle, SUNDEK of Austin was able to provide Anodamine with an attractive flooring that will stand the test of time.

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