Pool Deck Resurfacing in San Marcos, TX

A damaged pool deck gets refreshed with a new coating
SUNDEK of Austin resurfaced this pool deck at Vistas San Marcos in San Marcos, TX, using the Classic Texture coating in Franciscan Tan.

The apartment complex Vistas San Marcos, located in San Marcos, Texas, is a popular housing spot for students attending Texas State and other colleges in the area. With the temperate weather San Marcos gets, the pool area at this apartment complex is well loved. After years of having lounge chairs dragged across its surface in addition to massive amounts of foot traffic, the pool deck was ready for repairs.

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Zach Wheeler, outside sales representative for SUNDEK of Austin who also happens to be a Texas State alum who lived at Vistas San Marcos as a student, assessed the pool deck’s damage. The existing deck was in bad shape. The texture was peeling off in spots where foot traffic was especially high, revealing bare concrete beneath. There were also several cracks on the deck. Fortunately, SUNDEK’s process and products make it possible to revive run-down pool decks and transform them into picturesque hangout spots.

“At first they wanted to just do spot repairs,” says Wheeler. “But with all the repairs needed, they may as well resurface the entire deck.” Wheeler showed the client that the total cost for completing spot repairs and the total cost for resurfacing the whole area were comparable. Additionally, he explained that doing spot repairs wouldn’t look as good as resurfacing. “The repaired spots would stand out,” says Wheeler. “It looks much better to do a full retexture.” When the client saw the cost estimates and heard the pros and cons of spot repair versus a complete resurfacing job, they agreed that resurfacing was their best option.

Aside from the peeling and cracking, another issue was that when the concrete was originally poured, it was poured lower than the coping around the pool. The SUNDEK of Austin team resolved this by making the deck flush with the coping. They built up the pool deck with a hydraulic cement product then troweled it off to smooth the area.

In addition to a significant amount of repair work, SUNDEK of Austin built up the pool deck to make it flush with the coping around the edge of the pool.

After making the deck flush with the coping and repairing the cracked spots, the team got to work applying the coating to the surface. They used SUNDEK’s Classic Texture product, which is one of the best products in the industry for pool decks. It’s known for being attractive and also comfortable to walk on—even staying temperate enough to walk on during hot summer days. Classic Texture comes in a variety of colors and SUNDEK can create custom colors. For this project, the client wanted the out-of-the-box color Franciscan Tan. Light colors are a great choice for pool decks as they stay cooler than dark colors.

SUNDEK of Austin used SUNDEK’s Premium Finish Coat for extra protection since this pool deck gets so much foot traffic. An added benefit of the Premium Finish Coat is that it has antimicrobial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria or fungus. To clean the deck, Wheeler recommends combining a gallon of muriatic acid with four gallons of water, pouring that on the surface, then using a push broom to scrub. He suggests doing that and power washing the surface a couple times a year. Wheeler also notes that a surface that gets this much foot traffic should be resealed every five to seven years.

SUNDEK of Austin completed this 7,500 square-foot pool deck renovation—including repairs, leveling, and the Classic Texture coating—in five days, giving students at Vistas San Marcos a beautiful and comfortable spot to relax and unwind by the pool.

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