Pool Deck Safety – Sundek Classic Texture to the Rescue

Pool-deck-repair Public pool deck safety is needed here - Sundek classic texture to the rescue!

With summer just around the corner and a swimming pool in the backyard, you want family and friends to have fun yet stay safe. Especially when having older adults or small children over to your home to visit, it is essential to have a pool deck with a nonslip surface. Sundek Classic Texture is an incredible product that offers that and a lot more.

Grinding off the surface to expose a solid substrate for resurfacing. Grinding off the surface to expose a solid substrate for resurfacing.

If the existing area has started to deteriorate or fade, before you consider having the concrete ripped out and reinstalled, learn about the broad range of benefits that come from resurfacing using Classic Texture. Even if the surface needs some level of pool deck repair, there is no reason to have a new deck installed.

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Besides being an excellent pool deck repair solution, Sundek Classic Texture has a slip-resistant surface. That means that people of all ages can walk around without worrying about taking an accidental spill and sustaining an injury. Although you never want kids running around the pool, having a nonslip deck surface gives you added peace of mind when they do.

Classic Texture is excellent for minor to medium pool deck surface repair issues, and it is also cooler to the touch than many other options. Using a lighter color and during the hottest summer months, people can go barefoot without getting their feet burned. In fact, the temperature of this concrete overlay is often mush less than tile, brick or stone.

Something else to consider is that as a nonporous material, Classic Texture prevents dirt and oil from penetrating. It is also resistant to the chemicals that are commonly used to keep pools clean and sanitary. By having a barrier, there is less risk of dealing with a future pool deck repair problem, making this decorative concrete solution the perfect choice.

Classic Texture Finish Classic Texture Finish

Available in a host of stunning colors, and customizable with score-line cuts, masonry effects, and aggregates, Classic Texture can handle pool deck repair issues and give your backyard incredible appeal.

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