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Create just about any design using our overlays and finishes that can be customized with your choice of colors, textures, and patterns.

Decorative Concrete Overlays

If you have an existing concrete surface that needs a refresh or is faded, cracked, or damaged in some other way, did you know you don’t need to rip it out and start over? SUNDEK of Austin can apply an overlay to your surface, making it look new again. We work on residential and commercial spaces.

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water play area

Classic Texture

This is one of our most popular overlays. It’s comfortable to walk on and can be applied with varying levels of texture, making it cooler than typical concrete.

concrete sign


If you’re looking for the look of real stone without the cost that comes with it, this is the perfect choice.

resurfaced pool deck


Get the look of just about any material with this product. You can choose from the stamp options we have available or talk to us about creating a custom stamp.

stamped concrete patio


Create a European look with this handcrafted textured overlay.

outdoor kitchen


Create a new concrete canvas on top of your existing surface, then give it a look you really love.

concrete driveway


This overlay can be applied to vertical or horizontal surfaces. It’s an economical spray-on texture coating that makes your surface slip resistant.

Concrete Stains

Create a variegated and mottled appearance with SUNDEK stains—semi-translucent colors that are applied topically.

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stained and polished concrete


Get natural hues and colors with this acid-based coloring solution that reacts to salts and minerals in the concrete.

stamped deck


A water-based stain that is eco and user friendly and available in a variety of hues.

polished concrete living room


Get a darker, monotone look by using this in combination with acetone; get more color variation by using it in combination with water. This liquid dye dries quickly and can penetrate any concrete overlay.

Acrylic Finishes

Make your surface more durable by protecting it from spills, stains, and general wear and tear with our water-tight finishes.

SUNDEK acrylic coating


Give your concrete a fresh look with this water-based acrylic finish coat that can be applied over textured or bare decorative concrete.

textured concrete patio


Add texture to your decorative concrete surface with glass beads, aluminum oxide, and other materials.

Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coatings

These durable professional-grade coatings are often used in spaces that see a lot of actions such as industrial floors, workshop floors, commercial floors, garage floors, and anywhere else heavy machinery is stored.

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professional-grade coating

SunEpoxy 54

Perfect for spaces where light manufacturing and the like occurs such as garages, driveways, repair shops, warehouses, and more.


Get the protection of SunEpoxy54, plus more with this heavy-duty coating. Most often used for surfaces that get frequent heavy traffic from large machines or vehicles (or both).


Best for projects that need to be completed quickly, this polyaspartic coating provides a heavy-duty surface that can withstand a lot.

epoxy floor

SunMetal FX

Get a smooth, glass-like finish that creates a look resembling marble, moon craters, or a lava lamp. It’s used in tandem with one of the epoxies mentioned above.


A high-quality sealer is a must for anyone investing in a new decorative concrete or epoxy coating. You’ll need it to protect your surface from general wear and tear, color fading, oil spills, flaking, and more.

stamped walkway

SunClear EcoProtect

Get basic protection for your coating’s colors and designs with this sealer.

SunClear UltraProtect

Get protection from extreme traffic and abrasion with this sealer.

Are you looking to have commercial work done with one of our products? Check out our Commercial page.

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