Stained Versus Painted Concrete Floors for a Veterinarian Clinic in Round Rock

Painted concrete floor around a pool Painted concrete floors can be used around a pool

While you love serving your Round Rock community as a veterinarian, you realize just how challenging it is to keep the floors in pristine condition. Between human foot traffic, doggie accidents, nails and claws, and spilled water, you need a flooring system that looks great but also stands up to unique challenges. While you learned that both stained and painted concrete floors have advantages over other flooring types, you now need to decide which one is best.

For your Round Rock veterinarian clinic, you might first consider stained concrete floors. For this, you can choose between a water- and acid-based formula. The water-based option covers the surface of the floor, creating a beautiful translucent surface. In comparison, an acid-based product penetrates the concrete, where it reacts to chemical compounds. The result is a unique marbled effect. While either one is fine, a water-based stain has a much broader color selection.

Next, check out painted concrete floors for your veterinarian clinic in Round Rock. For this, a superior-quality product like SunColor produces the best results. On a prepared surface, a professional installer applies the acrylic coating so that it covers every inch of the floor. When finished, the expert applies a sealer, which works as a strong protective barrier.

The nice thing about stains is that you can transform the look of an indoor or outdoor concrete surface. Like painted concrete floors, stains also require sealing. The main benefits are that both a water- and acid-based stain can be sealed to provide an  incredible sheen, beautiful color, and if the existing floors have any surface imperfections, they seem to disappear.

On the other hand, painted concrete floors are another excellent choice. However, as a paint, it is imperative that you have them properly sealed. This option also looks fantastic, comes in many excellent colors, and hides small imperfections. What it comes down to is personal preference.

For your veterinarian clinic in Round Rock, either flooring solution would transform the clinic’s appearance while giving you a surface that can withstand daily use and abuse.

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