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A driveway is often the first thing people see upon approaching a home or business, so the way it looks is an important consideration for homeowners and business-owners. SUNDEK of Austin has been installing beautiful and durable driveways for more than 30 years.

When should a driveway be resurfaced?

There are several reasons why our clients decide to have their concrete driveways resurfaced. One reason is that the color is fading. Another is that the client is ready for an updated look. For some, their driveway has cracks, spalling, or flaking, or other damage. Whatever the reason, SUNDEK of Austin can resurface your driveway as long as it’s a viable surface. The beauty of resurfacing is that you don’t have to tear out your entire driveway to get a brand-new look.

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What is concrete resurfacing?

With concrete resurfacing, an experienced contractor such as SUNDEK of Austin can apply a decorative coating right to the top of your existing concrete surface, so you don’t have to tear anything out. This means you can skip the mess, extra time, and extra costs that come with demolition jobs.

The first step in the resurfacing process is to repair any damage on your existing concrete surface. Next, the surface is adequately prepared so the coating can adhere to it. Then the decorative concrete coating is applied directly on top of your driveway. After the coating is applied, customization begins.

You can customize your concrete driveway with stamping, adding color, aggregates, scorelines, or textures—your concrete driveway will look brand new. Finally, it is critical to seal the surface, as that will protect it for years to come. (Learn more about why it’s necessary to seal concrete.)

How much does it cost to resurface a concrete driveway?

Resurfacing costs can range from $3 to $25 per square foot as the price of resurfacing a concrete driveway varies depends on several factors.

  • The size of your driveway affects the cost, as more material is required for resurfacing.
  • The condition of your existing driveway also affects the cost. If your driveway has cracks or spots that are chipped, you'll want to hire an experienced contractor such as SUNDEK of Austin who can repair the damaged concrete before applying the coating.
  • The type of design you choose can also affect the price. For exampe, a monotone driveway will cost less than a driveway with intricate details.

Learn more about project cost here. Getting an accurate estimate requires an onsite visit from your contractor so they can see the project site and discuss the project details with you.

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Concrete resurfacing designs

When choosing a design for your driveway, decorative concrete coatings open the door to many possibilities! We have a variety of colors, textures, and patterns to choose from. You can come up with your own custom patterns, too. With stamping, we can even mimic the look of brick, limestone, cobblestone, or any other material you like.

Keep in mind that we can work on other surfaces besides driveways—walkways, entryways, porches, and more—and those features can be resurfaced to match or coordinate with your driveway.

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Maintaining a decorative concrete surface

Taking care of a decorative concrete surface is simple when it's been sealed with a high-quality sealer that makes the surface non-porous. General maintenance includes sweeping, blowing, or hosing off the surface to remove dirt and other debris every few weeks. For stains that are difficult to remove, a pressure washer or non-abrasive commercial cleaner will typically resolve the issue. (Read about tire marks on concrete.)

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